Frequently Asked Questions

AWG machines extract moisture/water from the atmosphere through a patented condensation process. The machines then filter and purify that condensation into ultra pure, healthy, drinking water.

Yes, the water is absolutely pure, safe and clean, as well as great tasting. The water produced starts out cleaner, as it is the vapor / humidity in the air that we breathe rather than the dirty, contaminated ground water that needs to be purified. The filtration system is extremely effective and efficient in killing all bacteria.

There are 12 Quadrillion litres of water in the atmosphere at any given time

Absolutely! The AWG air and water filtration system removes particulate matter smaller than .01 microns.

The AWG process eliminates micro-organisms, including bacteria and viruses. Test results of water generated from the atmosphere by AWG technology have been measured and shown to be fresh and clean, far drinking water standards.

The 2nd Generation Atmospheric Water Generators are extremely efficient using minimal amounts of energy to produce water.

Our products require no plumbing, water lines or pipes. The Air-to-Water units are easily installed, essentially a plug-and-go installation.

Our state-of-the-art 2nd Generation AWG units are driven by a microcomputer control system that will stop generating water when full; if an accidental leak should occur the machine sensor will turn the AWG unit off.

Our system continually recycles the water in the AWG reservoir, ensuring the water stays 100% fresh and pure.

Absolutely not. The system employs special filters to remove any unpleasant taste or odours that may be present in the air. The result is fresh and delicious drinking water in its purest form every time.

There are almost daily articles written about the various types and amounts of toxins and contaminants in public drinking water supplies, as well as the vulnerability of public water supplies to terrorist attacks. The only way to be certain that your drinking water is 100% pure is to make it yourself with an AWG machine.

Many articles have been published revealing that some bottled water is actually just reprocessed tap water. Some government studies have shown over 30% of the bottled water tested to be unsafe for humans.

Water produced by an AWG machine is the best water on earth. Bottled water, in many cases, is filtered city water processed in a manufacturing plant. Other bottled water, touted as, "Spring" water has no guarantees at all that it is, in fact, pure and contaminant free.

AWG water is cleaner and purer than any bottled water on the market today. The other issue is that even if the water in the cooler is pure and clean, the cooler is still a major problem. The bio-film, slime, algae and bacteria that lives in 95% of coolers contaminates your water when it comes into contact with it.

AWG units will produce water of better quality and much more economically.

Yes! AWG units purify the air as well as acting as a dehumidifier.

The indicator for acidity or alkalinity is known as the pH value. A pH value of 7 means a substance is neutral; water with a pH lower than 7 is considered acidic and with a pH greater than 7, water is considered alkaline. The normal range for pH in surface water systems is 6.5 to 8.5. The range in an AWG unit is 7.0 to 7.5

The AWG machines will work with humidity as low as 30%. Most places in the world have at least that amount of humidity. Although production will be lower when humidity is reduced, the machines will still produce water. You can also put a "humidifier" in front of the machine to boost your humidity, thereby boosting water production.

The filters will need to be changed anywhere from 6-12 months after purchase; A change of filter every six months is recommended, depending on the amount of dirt and sediment in your air. The Filter Pack is easy to change and install. The air filter should also be checked once a month and cleaned if necessary.